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Do you know what the task of a notary is? First of all, in respecting the rights and obligations of legal entities and individuals on behalf of the state.

It is the notary that secures the legal force of documents and their copies. Notarial deeds are not always required, but notarization allows you to be sure that you are protected by law.


What are the main services a notary provides?

  • Certification of transactions and contracts.
  • Certificate of ownership in common property.
  • The imposition of prohibitions on the alienation of property and their removal.
  • Certificate of fidelity of copies of documents, extracts from documents, signatures and translations.
  • Certificate of a person alive or in a particular place.
  • Certificate of time of presentation of documents.
  • Transfer of applications from individuals and legal entities to other persons.
  • Acceptance of material assets and cash on deposit.
  • Execution of executive signatures and orders.
  • Storage of documents.

  In addition, according to the latest laws adopted, notaries can use the land cadastre and register real estate objects in the Unified Register and request their assessment.

Why is a notarial deed useful?

  • Notarized documents protect your rights on behalf of the state.
  • Notarial acts have probative value and can be used as priority evidence in resolving disputes.
  • When you contact a private notary, you get full advice on the issues of your rights and obligations that a notarial act imposes.
  • The notarial act fixes the legality and reliability of documents. It does not limit the rights of the parties.
  • The notary is fully responsible for his actions in order to avoid professional errors.
  When you contact a private notary, you receive protection of your interests at the state level.